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At Rocky Mountain Meats Ltd., we celebrate Alberta's rich hunting heritage and understand the importance that harvested wild game is to hunters and sportsmen. We offer a full line of wild game processing services that include cutting/wrapping, and sausage/jerky processing. We also provide game skinning and waste disposal services.

TIP: With any successful animal harvest, ensure that the viscera is removed immediately and the carcass is cooled as quickly as possible. To best serve you and to maintain product quality, please ensure all carcasses are field dressed and clean upon arrival to our facility.


*Attention Hunters*

Please ensure that the evidence of sex remains attached to the carcass until in arrives at Rocky Mountain Meats. We are unable to accept any carcasses that do not adhere to the requirements specified in the Alberta hunting regulations.

The evidence of sex, species or class that must be retained is as follows:

moose, elk, deer, antelope, bison and non-trophy sheep - attached to the same part of the animal to which the tag is affixed, one of the following:

  • testicles, scrotum, or udder, and in the case of deer only, the completely haired tail, or
  • the head with horns or antlers attached if the animal has horns or antlers, or
  • the head (complete with the skin on it) if the animal has no horns or antlers, and
  • in addition,
    • the complete skull plate with horns or antlers intact must be retained with the carcass of the male antelope, male elk or male non-trophy sheep
    • the complete head must be retained with the carcass of a calf moose harvested under authority of a Calf Moose Special Licence.

    Wild Game Processing Prices- click here for printer friendly version.

    A full payment deposit is required for all wild game processing.


    Animals will only be accepted if the hunter is able to present hunting licence number and WIN at time of drop off.

    Cut / Wrap $ 1.00 / lb
    Cut and Vacuum Package $ 1.50 / lb
    Debone for Sausage and / or Jerky $ 0.80 / lb
    Grind only (Trim) $ 0.50 / lb

    Disposal Fees:



    $ 15.00 / ea
    Moose / Elk $ 25.00 / ea



    Deer (whole carcass or partial skining) $ 9.99 / ea
    Elk $ 30.00 / ea
    Moose $ 30.00 / ea

    Extra Charge:

    Bringing in frozen animals (Deer / Elk / Moose) $ 25.00 / ea
    After Hours Drop Off $ 20.00 / ea


    Sausage Making:

    Prices include Pork Trim.

    Add Beef Trim: $ 2.00 / LB


    Fresh Sausage

    Breakfast Sausage / Dinner Sausage / Hot Italian

    $ 2.00 / lb

    Smoked Sausage

    Smokies, Kubassa, Garlic Ring, Summer Sausage

    $ 2.50 / lb
    Cooked Bratwurst $ 2.50 / lb
    Cheese Smokies

    $ 3.00/ lb

    Pepperoni Sticks

    Regular (Hot) & Honey - Garlic

    Jalapeno Cheese

    $ 3.00/ lb (fresh weight)

    $ 4.00/ lb (fresh weight)

    Jerky, sliced $ 6.50 / lb (fresh weight)
    Jerky, extruded $ 5.50 / lb (fresh weight)
    Jerky (slicing only) $ 3.50 / lb

    All prices subject to 5% GST